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School Porfile

Fukien Secondary School (Siu Sai Wan) is a government-aid coeducational grammar school sponsored by Fukien Chamber of Commerce Education Fund Limited.  Founded in 1998, we have committed ourselves to the task of academic excellence and all-round development of our students.


School Mission

To develop an ideal school environment, uncompromising in both academic excellence and school discipline;
To cultivate a proactive, positive and caring school culture;
To nurture all-round growth, high language standards, perseverance, physical strength, broad outlooks, social and national identity, aesthetic and creative capacities, and a strong sense of responsibility.


School Sponsoring Body: Fukien Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1917, Fukien Chamer of Commerce is one of the o1dest chambers of commerce with a good reputation in Hong Kong. The chamber is devoted to education and school administration; it had run a charitable school as early as in the l920s. In l951, Fukien Secondary School was officially founded. With the concerns and supports from the chamber, previous principals led the faculty, students, and staffs to strive for the development of the school. In 2000, the chamber founded The Fukien Chamber of Commerce Education Fund Limited, a school-sponsoring organization. Currently, it is sponsoring four schools, namely, Fukien Secondary School, Siu Sai Wan (Subsidized Secondary School), Fukien Secondary School, Kwun Tong (Direct Subsidy Scheme School), Fukien Secondary School, North Point(Initiation Programme School) and Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School(Direct Subsidy Scheme School).


Chairman, Fukien Chamber of Commerce

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Fukien Chamber of Commerce Education
Fund Limited

Mr. Lam Ming Sum

  • Member, The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
  • Standing Committee Member , All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  • Director, China Overseas Friendship Association
  • Standing Director, China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment
  • Life Honorary Chairman, The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
  • Life Honorary Chairman, Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Associations Limited
  • Life Honorary Chairman, The International Association of Fuzhou Corporation
  • Visiting Professor of Fu Zhou University and Fujian Agriculture University

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Fukien Chamber of Commerce Education
Fund Limited


Mrs. Wong Chow Kuen Kuen

  • Standing Committee Member ,The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
  • Honorary Vice President , Hong Kong Federation of  Overseas Chinese Associations
  • Vice President, Fukien Chamber of Commerce
  • Standing Committee Member, Hong Kong Federation of  Fujian Associations Limited
  • Executive Director, Wong Kong Hon Education Foundation Ltd
  • Director, Friends of Hong Kong Association Ltd
  • Executive Committee Member, All China Women’s Federation
  • Member, Xiamen City Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference