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Message from the Principal 2016/17


Be Upstanding with Persistence and Fortitude

In this rapid changing world, schools play a crucial role in nurturing youngsters of diversified needs to meet the expectations of various stakeholders. With fervent support from the School Council and parents as well as strenuous efforts by the teaching staff and students, our school is making steady progress and gaining wide recognition from the public. Our students’ performances on the 2016 HKDSE examination are encouraging. Passing percentages of the four core subjects and some other subjects exceeded the territory-wide passing percentages.  The pursuit of academic excellence as well as whole-person development continues to be the top priority of FSS.

In the coming school year, we will continue our efforts to achieve effectiveness in the following school developmental focuses:

1.  To pursue excellence in academic studies through effective teaching and learning

Our school features a broad and diversified school-based curriculum, strict discipline and professionalism within our teaching staff. In the coming year, our teachers will continue to enhance their teaching capabilities through a wide range of professional development activities and explorations of innovative and effective teaching methods with emphasis on the use of multimedia. In addition, data will continue to be collected to track students’ learning progress and to evaluate the effectiveness of our learning and teaching.

2.  To unleash students’ potential through fulfilment of personal ambitions

Living in an era of information explosion, our students should develop independent thinking and master self-regulated learning skills. Improvement in the school environment and facilities like the new i Centre will enable us to provide ample learning opportunities that enrich students’ learning experiences and meet their diverse interests and abilities. In collaboration with external organisations and tertiary institutes, we aim to stretch the abilities of students, develop their potentials and broaden their horizons to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

3.  To develop future leaders through whole-person development

The school attaches great importance to students’ whole person development. Apart from strengthening their language competence in both Chinese and English and cultivating good study habits in academic and intellectual pursuits, we endeavor to foster students’ aesthetic appreciation, physical abilities and multiple intelligence. With effective use of public funding and resources, we will continue to provide a learning environment conducive to the development of positive values and attitudes, while rendering support for students to uphold principles and to behave with integrity.

In a world of value perversion and cultural diffidence, we firmly believe that education is essential to nurture our students to be upstanding with persistence and fortitude. With development of wholesome values and positive attitudes, our younger generations will be able to embrace legacy, overcome new challenges and aspire for betterment in their future.